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Pesto Cetarese con Alici 90g

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The best anchovy fillets preserved as the oldest tradition teaches: with salt. A versatile product, suitable to the most diverse gastronomic preparations. Use the salted anchovies for a tasty appetizer or for a n amazing first course. Selected anchovies among the most fleshy, delicate and salted. Freshly caught, the anchovies are beheaded, gutted and left to mature in salt barrels, placing them in alternate layers with the “head-tail” technique. After about five months the anchovies are ready to be packaged manually.

Pesto Cetarese con Alici 190g

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A precious casket for an exceptional product: pesto cetarese combines the strong flavor of Cetara anchovies and the soft flavor of almonds and pine nuts. Perfect to spread on the canapés (for a quick but sure starter) and to flavour pasta.